Hi, I'm Nick Aldewereld,

and I'm a social tech educator.

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How it al began.....

This career journey started in 2017 when I started next to a AZC (asylum seeking center) next to a former prison in the Netherlands. See a movie here with English CC. You can see me at 6:25.

More about the startup here that I wrote.

After this was a success we got funds from the Oranjefonds (Dutch royal couple) and local municipalities (Leiden, Alphen a/d Rijn, Rijswijk, Delft) and did a successful project with Make IT Here. After my co-founder got sick (who was supposed to write the next project funding request) I tried to sustain but then covid lockdown came and I had to give up on this non profit unfortunately.

I inserted the curriculum with Techgrounds and teached 200+ people last year for the foundation and Meta has funded me from their SROI goals.

Look for my reviews about what students say about me here.


Super! Nick is one big collection of information! Interesting information that really helps you. What you can get started with! All this combined with his humor makes it fun to learn from Nick! I will definitely join one of his courses again in the future.


Nick came to us highly recommended for a google analytics workshop. He more than lived up to expectations. His good preparation for our case, his hands-on information (during and afterwards) and his sparkling personality ensured that we got a flying start towards our goals.


I followed the training ''Online marketing" provided by Nick Aldewereld. In this week Nick made me even more enthusiastic in the world of "Online Marketing". Through his expertise, enthusiasm and fun in sharing his knowledge, he managed to inspire a whole group of participants via a zoom call. Thanks again Nick!


My Best Work

Make IT Here Foundation

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Founder & teacher. social media marketing teacher and coach for soft skills

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Design of Meta curriculum in cooperation with Meta Blueprint team + learningcoach

Make IT Here Tech

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Revamped website and broadened the mission to all the world

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