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We believe that you can learn online marketing by just using the free resources available online. That's how we did it. But that doesn't make you an employable online marketeer. So next to our classes, where we practice the skills required to work as an online marketeer, we spend a lot of time on personal development. We want our students to learn how to be self-reliant and express themselves in the Dutch direct way.

After an intensive 8 week training program our students tackle a real-life business case where they can get their first experience in creating and measuring online marketing campaigns.

Using the flipped classroom model, our students take part in Google's and Facebook's e-learning at home and earn their first official certification, while practicing their skills under our guidance during class.


Optimal balance between theory & practice

Widely required Google and Facebook certification

Practical skills for the Dutch workplace


Guiding refugees towards work is often underestimated. We believe in having a meaningful job as one of the most important factors to transition into the 'regular' life. But in hard and trying times of transition, it is not always obvious what exactly is going on.

That is why we listen and have continuous one-on-one talks, where we give and receive feedback on how things are going. With a direct approach of communication we prevent making inaccurate assumptions and jumping to conclusions. And we also learn from our students.

Every class is started with a group meditation and we are always striving to uncover the excellence hidden in all of our students.

Benefits of our guidance

Tough on contents, soft on the person

Personal development

1 on 1 coaching


Job Hunting

Our aim is to find an internship for every student. To accomplish this, we make extensive use of our own network and are actively hunting for companies who would like to offer an internship to our students.

To optimally prepare our students, we give guidance and training in how to approach a job interview and how to present yourself (online). Most of the time we are applying the job carving method, where we first find a match on a personal level and only then we create the ideal job description, depending on the employer and candidate.

At the end of every training program we host a speeddating event where we invite employers and give everybody the chance to get to know each other - with success.

Benefits Job Hunting

Continuous feedback

Rapid practice in job interviews and presenting yourself

First we match on a personal level, followed by the job description

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